better explanation in command "function -h" format

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Dennis Burke
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better explanation in command "function -h" format

Post by Dennis Burke » 04 Apr 2017 16:16


Just a useful thought on how to get better clarification for Ver Silver 6.2.8, when in the Command LIne, and asking for help with suffix "-h"
As you use the Rotate Command , the -h explaination does not explain that the "selection points" are actually defining the Axis of Rotation. This is not clear. Only when you open the PDF of the Command line information, does this detail become apparent.
I would suggest that the Rotate command also allow the User to make an easy selection of one or more of the 3 primary axis (instead of just a complicated rotation on an arbitrary axis defined by endpoints of an object). Hence, simplicity for non-experts.

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Re: better explanation in command "function -h" format

Post by javi.moreno » 27 Apr 2017 06:55

Hello Dennis,

thank you, we will review the commands help.

Regarding the Rotate one, performing a rotation around a primary axis is very easy, as you have just to set as first point the origin (0,0,0), and the second point the desired axis (1,0,0)/(0,1,0)/(0,0,1).

We will take into account your comments.