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Export the simulation results

Posted: 21 Feb 2017 16:28
by Dennis Burke
Hello, I posted a question about "Modelling" on the forum tab, Feb 17th.

I have not heard back yet.

It is a simple question on Materials : choices, create new materials etc.

Another set of questions here:
How does a person export the simulation results, such as Graphs, polar plots, radiation patterns, the actual GUI physical picture, they can saved to a report or a project summary?

Are screen captures needed, to put the output graphics into PowerPoint or MS Word?

I don't see anything in the HELP topics to assist me with this task.

Best , Dennis

Re: No reply to my Modeling Post question

Posted: 22 Feb 2017 08:15
by javi.moreno
I have just replied to your Materials question.

There are different ways to export results:
  • Linear plots: such as Far Field Cuts. On the one hand, you can click on the plot with right mouse button and Save as PNG or SVG (vectorial format). On the other hand, you can use the Export Series button to save the XY coordinates of the plots... then, you will be able to post-process them with the Tools - Plot Viewer tool.
  • Graphical results: such as Current Density or 3D pattern. The Save as... button allow to export the results as PNG images.
Screen captures in other sections such as the Geometry panel should be taken by using external tools or even with the ScreenShot key of any operating system.

Export of simulation results

Posted: 23 Feb 2017 15:49
by Dennis Burke
Thanks , Javi
I would like to make a suggestion that the MoM tool ( or possibly all tools in Fasant, have a new capability froe the Geometry section allowing itself to be saved as PNG or something "importable" into a Document file.
Reason: all of your market competition tools have that ability.
Using "screencapture" in the Geometry Tab does not provide the user very much flexibility.
Also, another enhancement would be the ability to turn off / turn on the Observation plane or cylinder for anyone else seeing this structure gets confused as the real geometric structure does not have this piece.
Thanks, Dennis

Re: Export of simulation results

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 08:46
by javi.moreno
Thanks Dennis, we will consider your suggestion for further versions.
Sorry, but I'm not pretty sure of having understood what you mean with “turn off / turn on the Observation plane or cylinder”. If you are considering a Near Field simulation with Observation Points, you can hide them with the Hide observation points option. If you are considering the Reference Plane (the gray grid that appears in the XY plane), you can also hide it with the option Show reference plane.

Observation points visibilty

Posted: 26 Feb 2017 16:23
by Dennis Burke
Great!, thanks Javi. I did not know the use of the Hide & Show function I do
Best, Den